European Delivery Program
Important Information

Winter Travel in Europe

While traveling in Europe during the months of November through April, it is the responsibility of the car owner/driver of a European Delivery vehicle to adhere to local traffic regulations, which require that a vehicle must be operated on winter tires in winter - like conditions and is required to take appropriate measures for travel in prevailing weather conditions.

As stated in the Operator's Manual for your vehicle, always use winter tires at temperatures below 45 degrees F (7 degrees C) and whenever wintry road conditions prevail. See your Operator's Manual for specific details concerning operation of your vehicle, including information concerning approved tires for winter driving conditions.

Winter Travel in Austria

While traveling in Austria during winter months of November through April, you must operate your vehicle on winter tires. If you disregard this, you can be assessed with a fine of up to € 5.000.

European Navigation

All European Delivery orders are US specified vehicles built with a US navigation head unit. If you have purchased a vehicle equipped with navigation, the US head unit in your vehicle is not compatible with the European map data.

For your convenience, a portable navigation system will be provided at time of delivery in Germany and for your use while in Europe. The portable navigation system is provided at no additional cost to European Delivery orders equipped with navigation and is the property of Mercedes-Benz USA. The unit must be returned to one of the European Delivery authorized drop-off points in its original packing. A credit card is required in the event the portable navigation system is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not returned.